Why hello there, I'm Katharine or Kat, for short. 


Let's start with a story: My name is Katharine Haring and one day I discovered that if you take the 'E' off of Katharine and replace it with a 'G' you get =  Kat Haring. Best part is? My parents had no clue they did that as they never anticipated me shortening my name (and neither did I).


So here's all the inside details: I love photography, math, and pretty much anything and everything outdoors. I was privileged enough to live on one of the greatest freshwater lakes in the world and took full advantage of it every second. I would say I have a wide variety of interests from traveling to kayaking and fishing to reading and cooking and so much more. Being near water is something that speaks to my soul, some days I could just sit near a large body of water and just listen to all the surrounding sounds.  However, my favorite thing to do is serve others and give to causes (see below) that mean so much to me.


I discovered I can serve others by capturing the moments that mean most to them. Sometimes you don't realize how much more meaningful your smile is when you're not forcefully posed versus freezing a moment in time when you're laughing with your loved ones.


Want to hang out, be my friend, enjoy some tea or set up a session? E-mail me: [email protected]



Causes I dedicate time to give back to:

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Big Brothers Big Sisters